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Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures

       Unless stated otherwise, the books, articles, talks, translations, reviews, etc. listed on this website are by John Timothy Wixted 

       Pdf’s of many can be accessed via the links provided.

       Several of the entries are listed on more than one webpage.

       The following FIFTEEN webpages have been prepared:


      Three Wixted résumés of different length: one paragraph, one page, and ten pages.

Book Covers

      Five book covers reproduced.


     Four articles – including “One Westerner’s Research on Chinese and Japanese Languages and Literatures” and “Reverse Orientalism” –  and a memoir, book foreword, and translation, as well as a language-text citation and book reviews. 

Classical Japanese (and Kanbun 漢文)

      Material on the book, A Handbook to Classical Japanese 文語ハンドブック. Articles on the Kokinshū Prefaces 古今集の序 (905-917), kanbun 漢文 in general, and kanshi 漢詩 in translation. Book reviews, etc.

Japanese Sinology

     Book, book-translation, and article: namely, Japanese Scholars of China: A Bibliographical Handbook; translation of Yoshikawa Kōjirō 吉川幸次郎, Five Hundred Years of Chinese Poetry, 1150-1650; “Some Sidelights on Japanese Sinologists of the Early Twentieth Century.” Translated summaries of Japanese scholarship on Chinese literature, 1973-83, by Satō Tamotsu 佐藤保; articles on Chinese drama by Tanaka Issei 田仲一成; and the scholarship of Murakami Tetsumi 村上哲見 on ci 詞‘song-poetry.’ 

Mori Ōgai 森鷗外 (1862-1922)

     Eight articles on the kanshi 漢詩 of Mori Ōgai, two articles on his translation literature, and additional material.

Chinese Literary Criticism–Gen'l

      General Chinese literary theory and criticism. Two articles, including one on “‘Sincerity’ 誠 in Chinese Literary Theory.” A review-article on James J.Y. Liu, Chinese Theories of Literature. And reviews of Yip Wai-lim, Diffusion of Distances, and John J. Deeney, ed, Chinese-Western Comparative Litera­ture.

Zhong Rong 鍾嶸 (469-518) and His Shipin 詩品

      Three articles related to the author and his work, treatment of the influence of the Shipin on later Chinese liteary criticism, ongoing research by the website author, translations by the same, and a related book review. 

Tang-Song Literary Criticism

      Material on Tang- and Song-dynasty Chinese literary theory and criticism (as well as reviews of two books on a Song author): namely, translations of series of poems on poetry by Du Fu 杜甫 (712-770) and Dai Fugu 戴復古 (b. 1167); articles on Song-dynasty and Western poems on poetry, and on ‘Sincerity’ 誠 in Chinese literary theory (including its formulation in the Zhongyong 中庸); and reviews of two books on Lu You 陸游 (1125-1209).

Ci Poetry

      Book, article, and book review on the ‘song-poetry’ genre (ci 詞) of Chinese poetry: on Wei Zhuang; 韋莊 (836-910), the Huajianji 花間集 (940), and Li Qingzhao 李清照 (b. 1084); and two related translations.

Yuan Haowen 元好問 (1190-1257) and the Jin Dynasty 金代 (1115-1234)

    On the author-critic and the dynasty: a book (incl. selections and indexes), finding list, reference-book entry, book-chapter, articles, and translations.

Post-Song Dynasty Poetry

     Translated book on poetry of the Jin 金, Yuan 元, and Ming 明 dynasties: contents and index, introductory chapter, reviews. And an article on fourteenth-century poetry.

Modern Chinese Literature

      Translation of “Marx Enters the Confucian Temple” 馬克斯進文廟 by Guo Moruo 郭沫若 (1892-1978). (And references to other modern China material.)

Talks in Chinese and Japanese

      Talks in Chinese or Japanese presented at the following: a conference on Yuan Haowen 元好問 (1190-1257) and Jin Dynasty 金代 (1115-1234) literature; a memorial service for Mori Ōgai 森鷗外 (1862-1922); the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Tokyo University 東京大学; and The Toyo Bunko 東洋文庫.

En Español

      Spanish-language talks and articles on China and Japan: “Orientalismo a la inversa,” “Para entender el I Ching,” “Charla-debate sobre ‘Chinese Poetry,’” “Influencias chinas en los Prefacios de Kokinshū,” “Kambun, historias de la literatura japonesa y japanólo­gos,” “Dos autores-traductores japoneses del período moderno: Mori Ogai y Tanizaki Jun’ichiro.” 


John Timothy Wixted